VR Dicktective

All those neon lights aren't helping any either.

VR Dicktective

8 Jan 2018

In RL, it was actually Bjorn (Banjo) that kept stabbing enemies in the dick. It was quite funny. And having a Vive with the wire solution set up is really the ultimate VR experience. I don't think it can get any better without upgrading to wireless.


With the holiday season happening on the one hand and [SECRET PROJECT] taking up a whole bit of my time, I kinda ate through my reserve of comics. I'm writing this to you from New Year's day. I'll try to get a bigger buffer going again, but with also doing the game more professionally (as in I'm trying to get a supplementary income out of it by the end of the year), dedicating more time than usual to CR will be tough. Well, at least we still have [SECRET PROJECT] to look forward to as well.

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