V Team - sal(i)vation

Unless they make it back in time of course. Like that'll happen.

V Team - sal(i)vation

11 Jan 2019

I think the same thing is happening to Lidija and Tabitha that happened to me during my first Vampire sessions. You're playing a predatory creature, so you just let loose.


In my case, my character's (Joey Joe Joe Junior Shabbadoo (Simpsons reference)) arc ended when he had taken over a tank after the army had been sent after him and his crew. He once threw a corpse tens of meters at a runaway enemy, smashing both to a bloody pulp. Oh yeah, of course, he was Camarilla. After the tank, the ST thought it better to reboot and start a new story with a bit stricter follow-up of the Traditions. Perhaps that was for the best.


This one was supposed to be released after the next one, but since they'll be streaming episode 3 this evening (19.00 CET), I thought it better to put it online first.