Steller performance

You are spring and summer. She is fall and winter!

Steller performance

22 Oct 2018

I just finished watching Season 2 of Acquisitions Incorporated: the C Team. It's a stream of extremely talented people playing a delightful DnD (5e) game, with a heavy focus on story, RP and comedy. They manage to have you sniffling tears at one moment, belly-grabbing with laughter the next. If you haven't checked them out yet, I recommend doing so now.


Also, if you haven't watched the show, like many among you, I suppose, then I apologize because I presume without context this panel is mostly confusing. :-)


You may have noticed the updates haven't been too forthcoming lately. I'm afraid it will stay like this probably until 2019 at least because I've refocused on game development while also trying to keep some time available for social contact and occasional leisure time. Barring the next one, updates will also probably be single-panel comics like this one. Doing Inktober has peaked my hunger for setting up a scene, but doing that three times for a single comic is just too time-costly right now.