Sandy remains, part three

Let's be thankful there are things that make bad things seem less bad by comparison. And let us then jettison ourselves into the sun.

Sandy remains, part three

12 Dec 2012

Yesterday (Tuesday) was quite eventful. Some of you may have noticed the ads I have running on Project Wonderful (I mentioned this earlier). Some of you may also have noticed the latest, 'inspired' one I started using. In it I tried to say thanks (in a naive way) to those creators who inspired me, while at the same time hoping quick recognition would garner a few extra clicks. 

I drew the outline of their most recognizable characters. Which was fun because this way I really paid attention to the defining attributes of each, but which was also imprudent. My ad was reported for possible infringement. Reading some Wikipedia did not fully clear up whether or not I was in the red zone or not. I decided not to risk it (and spare my girlfriend the heart attack), there possibly getting American lawyers involved and such. If any aforementioned creators read this: please forgive this superfan and remember: imitation (bordering copyright infringement) is the greatest form of flattery! 

Also, I updated on 12-12-12, take that... ehm person who...ehm, errr... thought I couldn't.

EDIT: Peter Molyneux is trying to make a new game through kickstarter, he already has a prototype and expects a first playable version to be ready by this Christmas. A £15 pledge gets you the game, which you shouldn't have to wait too long for, seeing how fast it's progressing. Find out more HERE.