Requiem for a dream, bereft of drugs

Once again is a noble endeavor thwarted when it’s execution is confronted by reality. But we shan’t let our heads hang low. No, we shall rage the night away, getting more entangled with every swipe at our unseen enemies. These blood suckers will not get us down, and neither will the mosquitos.

Requiem for a dream, bereft of drugs

31 Aug 2012

We have actual readers now. They read these posts when they’re put online, or at least shortly after. That is a good thing, because all this talking to myself and an imaginary audience can’t be good for me.
Anyway, these readers have also provided us with the first actual feedback. And as feedback tends to be, some of it was good and some of it was bad. So it seems we shall keep doing this a little while longer.

- Frank

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