Think of the ecological benefits and the dietary benefits. Control those calories!


4 Dec 2017

Bodily fluids are really funny, right? Especially if they're parted with involuntarily.


Also, we're referencing PA (Megacorp) in there, since I was thinking about a very similar take of theirs on the subject. I got stuck thinking about how one would go from panel two to three. What does vomit VR marketing look like? Then, when I had marketing and sales in mind, it seemed like a good moment to introduce a friend of mine, who's been liking those facebook posts for ages, so it figured he wouldn't mind.


So, we'll have arrived in December when this update hits. One wonders what will have become of the Brood project by then? At the time of writing, we have recently added an ending to the game, which makes it feel like we're close to ending development now too. We're still going at a snail's pace though, so I'm not really sure when we'll hit production. But I'm sure to let you know. You can still find out about Saffron Streams' progress on Brood on our blog.