Portraits - Anuna De Wever // Greta Thunberg

Anuna De Wever and Greta Thunberg, young climate activists

Portraits - Anuna De Wever // Greta Thunberg

8 Feb 2019

I started this one last week. The climate marches in my country have sparked so much debate, finally, that I felt like I had to draw something. Of course, in my usual style of taking a figure I like, this time two, and putting them into either a sci-fi or fantasy style. 


I drew Anuna De Wever like a paladin (think of the DnD class), because she's up on the barricades, giving inspiring and rallying speeches to the crowds of gathered students. Greta Thunberg is a bit more reserved, less a crowd person (she's talked openly about being on the Spectrum), but when she speaks, she doesn't pull punches and bodies (or at least jaws) hit the floor. So I thought I'd draw her as a monk, with her swift strikes and contemplative manner.


Then I got distracted by attending Godot Con for a bit on Monday and Tuesday but got the good news that at least one of the terrible climate ministers we have (we've got 4, and none of them actually do what they're supposed to!) finally resigned.


Thanks Anuna and Greta, for helping shed light on the actual crisis. Climate heroines!