Portrait - DnD - Glain

Glain, DnD character, casting the cantrip

Portrait - DnD - Glain

27 Feb 2019

Yup, it's another non-comic strip update. If you were rooting for one of those, I apologize. Despite what I was planning to do in case Plot didn't provide some revenue, i.e. switch over to trying to do commissions; I have instead doubled down on putting my focus on making games.


I think my games currently have two main issues: polish (especially in terms of ooh-la-la effects) and performance (barely scraping 15 FPS at times). That's why I have switched to a new development environment/game engine, i.e. Godot. Working with Godot makes it so that I don't have to think about optimizing performance as much because, for the engine base, experts have worked out the best way of calculating what needs to be calculated. Also, because I can use its building blocks, I can produce content faster which means more time left over for polish. Polish for which I can use the same building blocks, again making it much faster to implement. There's also a third component, and that's promotion, but I might have a new strategy for the game I'm currently working on (early development) as well.


So I've been learning Godot, one of the ways I've been doing this is to participate in game jams. Game jams are events where you try to make a game from scratch (asset-wise, you can use an engine) in a limited amount of time. I've participated in two different Trijams, which are game jams with a time limit of only three hours. I'm going to participate in the ExtraCredits game jam tomorrow, which lasts four days, and should allow for a larger scope.