Pootin's grip

Release is the path to the dark side. Pressure leads to release. Release leads to regret. Regret leads to suffering.
- Cowda on the Dark Side of the Farts

Pootin's grip

8 Nov 2016

Haha, a strip about flatulence, the old classic! Yes fervant reader, we have not forgotten the basics. There are, of course, no double meanings of any kind in this strip.


Information warning.
Did you know that livestock flatulence (including burping) is responsible for 14% of all greenhouse gas emissions? Cows especially emit high levels of methane in proportion to their weight, which on a molecul per molecule basis has a warming intensity 23 times as high as CO2. Those farts are a lot less funny. Turns out it is better to capture methane and burn it than to release it into the air. (Which also explains why all that methane leaking from fracking installations is one of the many, many problems health and environmental organizations take issue with.)

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