Poor Laurenzo

The prisoner was clearly beside himself with fear as he fell asleep.

Poor Laurenzo

31 Jan 2017

This comic is based on real life events, playing Mage with friends. It uses a d10 system actually, but I thought the d20 was much more recognisable as a roleplaying implementation tool.


Then, having nearly finished the rough lines, I realised it had happened again. I was searching a reference for a face in pain, and flipped through some webcomics. I arrived at Space Junk.  Suddenly, to my mounting horror, I saw the posing of my comic resembled one of hers to an eerie level. Even though I thought I came to the layout by trying out different scenario's for text as well as pacing (in order to fit the moment into three panels), I had read this version before. Beneath layers of self-subterfuge my unconscious must have relayed back to it, so I thought it only fair to link to Space Junk's version of it, in order to pay potential dues. 

Space Junk's a webcomic I recently discovered by Georgina Hewitson. I met her on the PA Twitch channel, with the realisation we both found ourselves on the wrong side of the Atlantic for easy attendance to a PAX.