Joyous return

Haha, because they rhyme!

Joyous return

1 Apr 2013

It's been a long time since we last updated. This has been because of a general lack of free time on my part. Becoming an 'eco warrior' is a time consuming hoby.

Anyway, we found a workaround, the result of which you can admire above. You can probably expect daily updates in our new style, since they halved the workload per comic.

Notes from readers

Comedy Reflux  •  05/04/2013 13:53:18
For those of you wondering why there are no regular updates yet, I direct your attention at the date this 'comic' was posted.

We still plan to come back one day, probably with a once per month update, or with a simpler style (but not like pictured above), but things are really hectic now, what with the coming wedding and all.
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