Job hunter's soliloquy

Haha, now they're testing how conducive, haHA, or resistant I am to new ideas. Haha, and now I'm fainti...

Job hunter's soliloquy

16 Nov 2016

We thought it was time to return to a lighter note.


You probably noticed in the deeper layers of last week's comic that we weren't all that enthusiastic about president-elect Drumpf. That's because a part of the reason we went on a three year hiatus is our volunteering for the local green party, aiding the effort to seperate dis- from actual information. 


Although Hillary was not the hopeful alternative Bernie Sanders would have been, it was still chilling to see a man like Drumpf (you can look up the reference here, as long as it's still online) actually get so many votes, even with the voting system in the US being so severely broken (bipartisan system; electoral colleges instead of direct voting; voting happens on a working day; you very easily get your voting rights taken away ...).


Let us hope we can find back our common sense, community pride and smiles. I know we at Comedy Reflux will be trying to turn things around, starting with those frowns, and starting with our own.