Harpy hollowdays

For our new readers, from left to right: Gertrude Atric, Homer T. Cuss, Sandy, Nebo, Jake, Summer, unnamed Hakikudashi vassal, unnamed sub commander and last but not least Low Key.

Harpy hollowdays

22 Dec 2016

Not one to dissappoint (well, at least not this once) we worked night and day (mostly in the evening, not once actually at night) to provide you with this superb (mildy amusing at best) seasonal card.


What's that? A card like this is of no use to you at all? Well, perhaps you would prefer one with less text, that you can fill in yourself? There's still a referral or two left to our site on that free on-brand christmas card, so use at your own risk. People might find out what you've reading in your spare time.


What's next for comedy reflux, our own consumer holiday? Might we propose "CoRe day"? Pay some special attention to your abs and other core muscles by surfing webcomics and buying merch.