Hard truths

That's not to say a pinch of salt can't help, like in this delicious, crumbling cookie.

Hard truths

12 Feb 2018

It's tough to do certain messages without under or over digesting them. I sure haven't figured out the trick yet.


So as you might know, I'm currently in the last stages of releasing a video game. Brood - Winter Sovereign is set to come out on February 28, 2018. It's been all kinds of hella busy these last few weeks, with getting rid of bugs, making a promotional comic, and making a live-action ad, doing regular comics kind of came last lately. This means that I'm uploading the comic and writing the post on Sunday, February 11. This is the closest I've been to the posting deadline in over a year when I was able to build up a backlog of comics three weeks out.

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