Fowl play

That's a penalty for playing with my heart.

Fowl play

4 Sep 2017

We got two new baby chicks, after earlier getting three half grown hens. I want to dedicate this comic to Lazzy (cfr. Lazarus) Yaki, the chick that passed on too early, twice. The first time I was able to revive her with warmth, but it lasted no longer than a day. The second and final time, today, at the time of making this comic. I still made it, to remember her. May her sister Judi Tori carry on the torch for the both of them.


The time of mourning for Lazzy will have passed by the time of the comic getting online. But my mood will probably be similar, as my two months of working on Project Bird over at Saffron Streams will be over. Will I have made the deadline, or will a delay be inevitable? You are in the future my friend, and when I reach you, I too will know.


Oh yeah, 75 comics, baby!