Clerical solutions

Stop clerking off and help me tie this guy up!

Clerical solutions

17 Apr 2017

The one time an RP joke incorporates D&D, I don't need dice to tell it. I guess I'll keep those d20 images handy for when I want to spread another World Of Darkness falsehood.


That's another character based on a real-life person in there by the way. Seemed long overdue. Just like Jolene, I might make it easy on myself and name this one Raynold, the English equivalent for the actual name of this best friend of mine. This time, it wasn't self-inflicted, so I hope it's still forgiven. Also, it's his BIRTHDAY TODAY, so I doubly hope he appreciates the effort. :-D


For those of you watching the adventures of Acq. Inc's C-team, Jerry reminds me of the DM-ing style of Raynold, though perhaps more adrenaline fueled (what with all those cameras and people watching).