Chain of (social) comment

After getting back inside, the captain commented they were all too wishy washy for the navy lifestyle. They all laughed and the captain winked to the reader. Then they all started dying from asphyxiation, before remembering that, as cartoon characters, they in fact need not breathe.

Chain of (social) comment

2 Nov 2016

Wow, that got dark there for a second. If it's too much and you need a breather, we wholly recommend reading the mouse over text.


Reality warning.

In all seriousness though, climate change provides a second reading to this comic. We depend on the ocean for a big part of our oxygen production (up to 70%), and because of acidification and other climate warming effects scientists believe we've lost 40% of the organisms  responsible (phytoplankton) since the 1950's. What a bummer. But wait, all is not lost. There are numerous organisations at work trying to reduce the emission of greenhouses gasses such as CO2 and methane worldwide. There are a number of ways to contribute, the first, and probably most important is to really question and evaluate your government leadership and think about who truly serves our common interests. Tackling climate change indubitably requires a group effort from all layers of society. Ask for concern for a livable planet, demand a transparent, democratic process and see diversity as a needed strength instead of a hurdle.