Auditory cocaine

Yes, there are better musical compositions out there, with lyrics I can actually understand, without having to resort to subtitles. Nevertheless, I’ve been told there is a subtle sarcasm at play here. Reportedly, that is not often seen in Korean popular music. Also, and more importantly, the dance moves are high-leh-rious. Just look at his legs, they squiggle my giggle!

Auditory cocaine

14 Sep 2012

We believe in constant evolution, and hope this process does not “put the reflux in comedy reflux”. Our name is meant to signify that some of our topics are difficult to digest in just one sitting. Do not think that we strive to make you nauseous. That is but a probable side effect.

I would say that this comic was the first drawn on actual drawing paper, but then I would be lying. The first was actually next week’s. Due to reasons of urgency however, this comic was moved up. It is our hope that by not further delaying, the gangnam inferno has not yet been reduced to embers by the time you read this. That is a real danger when dealing with anything from music land.


Edit: the dialogue in this strip was edited because too many people reported not getting the joke. These improvements were suggested by friends. You can find the original dialogue here.