Arduously arboreous

Seeing what the rest of the party has to deal with on a daily basis, the raider shrugs and wanders off.

Arduously arboreous

7 Mar 2017

I've decided I shall celebrate the 50th comic that I've drawn, instead of the 50th I've shown. That way, I can just follow the file numbering instead of having to divine the right comic by another metric. So here we are. I think we'll celebrate with an ad, draw in some more readers. Or at least spend some money.


Seeing how the previous Laurenzo comic did pretty well, views wise, it seemed fitting that our celebration comic be one about him too. Again, I play him in the Mage setting, so the d20 should actually be several d10's. But worse still, for all you realistic-portrayals-only aficionado's out there, this exchange didn't actually took place in game. The first panel is as it happened, the second and third were what we were laughing about would happen, before I made the roll. We had Laurenzo's latest brave intervention still firmly in mind.

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