All Japanese know how to do this

It certainly wasn't looking for a job afterward. ^^'

All Japanese know how to do this

18 Sep 2017

Yes, all of it is true. I did study Japanese and most of the teachers we had were cool. For the non-believers, I recommend looking up "The Japanese Tradition" on Yer Tubz for their video on "dating"; they touch on these and other techniques briefly.


At the time of putting this one ready, I have only one week of development time to go before it's back to work. I know I will not wholly finish the game before the deadline, as somewhat expected; but I'm still proud and hope to do the finishing touches in those first weeks of returning to my nine to five. It will all depend on how much energy I'll have left, I guess. If you want a more recent progress update, I urge you to go to or follow Saffron Streams on facebook.

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