All Jake knows how to do is this

Teacher, should we help Jake?

- Not until after tea, kids!

All Jake knows how to do is this

25 Sep 2017

I did burn myself during those studies in real life too, but it was while cooking in front of the class. Yeah, those were some delightfully weird times.


Speaking of delightfully weird times, my stint of making a game at home and having off from my "real" job while doing it is almost at an end. Only four more days after this one, including the weekend, and it's back to making money. A big part of the game is finished, it's mostly polish that I need to put in, and the systems that will actually generate an income (if the game gets played). It's looking like September will not have much free time, no RP for a month, but perhaps October will be largely spared, depending on progress. Again, if you want a more recent update of how the game's doing, I urge you to go to or follow Saffron Streams on facebook.