Alienating riches

Treasure chest, more like never rest.

Alienating riches

25 Dec 2017

Raynold makes his return, in this grueling story about DPS.


For some reason, even when everyone's geared up more or less evenly, the bio-specialist does a rough tenfold of damage compared to the saboteur, and the tank does a rough tenfold of that. Highest to lowest damage between is about a hundredfold difference, according to the inventory screen. Seeing how the saboteur is still able to drop enemies, we might surmise there's something missing from the information as presented, something besides the tank having to go up close and personal to get his shots in.


So it's late December now, next week will be next year. Writing this from the very beginning of December, I wonder if I will be able to update this post with a link to Brood, the game I'm making.