A night out, part one

Secrets to the everlife come in short supply. Apparently however, all you need for acquirement is a drink on offer.

A night out, part one

19 Sep 2012

Only a couple of people got last week’s joke. Let's try not to repeat that. For all of you who did not get the joke, I will now kill it further by explaining it:
Our protagonist intrudes upon the ladies’ conversation by insinuating in jest that Mr. Fostner found the appearance of his mother-in-law unwanted, as thus she ‘spoiled’ to him how his wife would look in twenty to twenty five years. I would add “as the saying goes”, but I’m starting to wonder if I didn’t just make the saying up. Like in my dream thoughts. People also laugh out loud at every joke I make there. They pat me on the shoulder and say "well done".

Aaaanyway, I hope this week’s comic is more to your liking. Also, last week’s comic restyled, in a way that it at least works at a meta level.

- Frank