99 problems and this list is one

We need to cut costs on finishing these walls. We're going to completely leave out the plaster and use 100% corpse.

99 problems and this list is one

20 Dec 2016

The prequels were well enough liked to have played them beginning to end several times each. The current iteration seems hell bent on giving you "enough" play time the first time through, without expanding the set pieces. So sprinkled in between the missions that feel like the actual real deal, you have busy work you normally expect in an MMORPG. The gameplay cycle's not that bad, the combat and stealth feel good enough to plow through the inbetweens in order to get to the story, but I started cutting corners soon.


We're almost at the end of the year. If you're still looking for a greeting card, don't forget we made one way back when. We might try another one soon, if we find the time.

Oh yeah, tenth comic since we restarted!