Comedy Reflux

Comedy reflux was not so much created as it was spawned. As an idea it hatched in the mind of Frank De Raedt in the spring of 2012. By summer, he had recruited Sarah Cuypers to his cause. Together they worked feverishly, day and night, in order to unleash their demonic work upon the world. By August their corrupt experiment succeeded.

Verily, you are now reading it.

In 2013, Frank pushed the "three year hiatus" button, and updates were no longer forthcoming. Luckily, it was deactivated in 2016, and updates refrequent the site, even in a weekly manner for the time being.

Frank and Sarah lived together in Ghent, that's in Belgium, which itself is located in Europe. They have since moved to the country side.

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Frank De Raedt

Slipping in and out of consciousness, this 'learned man' started on the path of the savant by first unlearning that which he did not yet know. Once honed in the ways of unword, he retreated to the mountains. From atop its highest peak, he now spends his time healing ruptures between this world and The Harrowing by shouting loudly. The black (ley) lines and never present story of the webcomic are a byproduct of this process.


Sarah Cuypers

Whereas Frank creates shambling corpses, abominations willed to life through forlorn necromantic rituals, it is Sarah who actually breathes life into them. She removes the darkness and ultravoid and replaces them with Hypercolors (TM). The undead do not so much resurrect as they are shocked into total oblivion, their husks being used to house the Happy. She is a fountain for joy force, and if this webcomic ever truly streams, we have her to thank for it. Also, she designed, programmed and set up the whole website. So hooray for Sarah!